The Dex! Podcast
The Dex! Podcast #30: Special Edition!

Alex and Kellz pass a slow news week by discussing some of the coolest limited edition Pokemon-themed consoles around! Also Fanswers! Who's Jimmy?

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The Dex! Podcast #29: Dope Dual Types!

With a bunch of crazy ORAS news rolling in, Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy can't stop talking about dual type Pokemon that don't already exist! Also, Fanswers!

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The Dex! Podcast #28: Called It!

Surprise! Well, not really. Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy talk about the new mega evolutions, answer fan questions, and wonder if we're ever gonna see new evolutions again!

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The Dex! Podcast #27: Fairyfest!

Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy have sort of a slow news week, so in honor of the Fairy Face-Off, we do our Top 5 Fairy types! Also, fanswers, and a new Symphonic Evolution contest!

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