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The Dex! Podcast #61: Worst Pets!

Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy from The Dex on YouTube sit down to discuss Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions, a special contest and the worst Pokemon Pets! Plus! F-F-Fanswers!

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The Dex! Podcast #60: No Evolutions!

Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy from The Dex! on YouTube sit down to talk about the latest news, the 5 coolest Pokemon who don't evolve, and F-f-fanswers!

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The Dex! Podcast #59: Little Cup!

Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy talk the news, the official OR/AS Little Cup competition, their favorite Little Cup Pokemon, and Fanswers to boot!

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The Dex! Podcast #58: A Music Episode!

Kellie and Jimmy are joined by behind-the-scenes friend of The Dex Clint for an episode all about travelin' songs in the Pokemon series! Plus the news! Plus FANSWERS!

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