The Dex! Podcast
The Dex! Podcast #71: Meta-Mon!

Alex, Kellz, AND JIMMY are back at the same old Pokemon time and place to talk about the recent announcement of Pokken Tournament for Wii U, the Pokemon World Championships, the state of the VGC metagame as a whole, and FANSWERS! #thanksdexcast! It's good to be back!

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The Dex! Podcast #70: #PLAYPOKEMON

On the eve of #PLAYPOKEMON Worlds 2015 Alex and Kellz discuss the most exciting Pokemon news all year! Plus, what's Masuda doing in Boston? And FANSWERS!

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Alex and Kellz are here for a late night podcast that was actually recorded the same day it went live (technically)! Plus, Pokemon Cards, Ancient Origins, and speculation about Hoopa and Zygarde! And Fanswers! And JAZZ!

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The Dex! Podcast #68: First Looks!

Hey! It's last week's! Join Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy as they talk a BUNCH of Pokemon news, the best reveals of new Pokemon ahead of their generation, and Fanswers, da da da da da! We'll be back on schedule next week!

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