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The Dex! Podcast #83: Volcanion! feat. GlitchXCity!

Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy are joined by Pokemon remix artist GlitchXCity to talk Volcanion, Pokken, music, food, and our final thoughts on Gen VI. And you didn't think we forgot about FANSWERS, did you? Cause we didn't!

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The Dex! Podcast #82: Sceptile Is Real!

Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy sit down to discuss what they THOUGHT was a rumor, but turned out to be REAL! SCEPTILE'S IN POKKEN! Plus, what's the deal with VGC 2016? And, let's not forget...FANSWERS!

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The Dex! Podcast #81: New Pokken Character!

Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy are joined by Brett to speculate on the new pokken character and the tantalizing hint to its identity, and what we ate to be a part of the Hoopa giveaway! And...FANSWERS!

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