The Dex! Podcast
The Dex! Podcast #93: The NX Files!

Alex and PokeKellz are back for another week of the The Dex Podcast, filled with Pokemon news, NX rumors, idealistic speeches, and F-F-FANSWERS!

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The Dex! Podcast #92: Pokemon The Movie!

Alex and Kellz are back to discuss all kinds of awesome Pokemon news, upcoming competitions and Pokken tournaments, movie rumors, and a nice discussment on the value of hype! Plus get wrecked by FANSWERS! Plus get wrecked by JAZZ!

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The Dex! Podcast #91: Troll-kemon!

The Dex Podcast is finally back for good! Alex and Kellz are here to stay, and there's TONS of Pokemon news to catch up on! Sun and Moon, really troll-y Corocoro leaks, and MORE! But hey! At least they didn't forget about FANSWERS!

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