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Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy are here with Pokemon News, and updates on Pokken DX for Nintendo Switch, and Pokemon Gold and Silver on Virtual Console, plus...secret wishes, Pokemon theories, and...the return of FANSWERS!

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Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy are BACK! with another episode of Pokemon News, Fan Theories, Speculation, aaaaaand a HOT TAKE POST-REACTION to the Nintendo Direct from Wednesday afternoon! Were our predictions right? Come and find out!

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This is the very first episode of another show format featuring PokeKellz and Hildewereld discussing the Pokemon Adventures Manga, one volume per episode, in a fun book club style, so you can read right along with them!

Episode 1 was originally published on our YouTube channel in April of 2017

PLEASE NOTE that this is an extra show format that shows up on an irregular schedule, and typically will not replace your regularly scheduled Friday Dexcast. Enjoy!

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Pokemon news? Pokemon travel? Pokemon theories? Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy are BACK to talk where they've been, where they're going, Pokken Tournament DX, Ultra Sun and Moon, the first ever Dex Orange League Tournament, and more, on the Pokemon Podcast you love to listen to most!

Join the official Dex Discord here:

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The Dex Podcast is back will all kinds of Pokemon Sun and Moon goodness live from Telford, England at CoxCon 2017! Alex and Kellz were joined by their good friend and co-host Hildewereld, and in addition to your normal discussion of Pokemon News and lore, there was Pokemon Jeopardy too! Regular episodes return this friday!

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Pokemon Global Mission, Weakness Cup, North American Internationals, and we check in after one year of Pokemon GO with Alex and PokeKellz on this week's The Dex! Podcast, the coolest Pokemon Podcast around! Plus: FANSWERS!

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E3? Pokemon GO? Gloomdweller Marshadow? After an emergency week off, Alex and PokeKellz are joined by their community manager Ryan Tatum to debrief after E3, speculate about the future of Pokemon, and try to find out Ryan's middle name! Plus: FANSWERS!

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Pokken Tournament DX? Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Gold and Silver Version on Virtual Console? It must be E3 Season again, and Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy are all here to discuss and speculate and make bold predictions based on nothing but our own hunches! Settle in listeners! This week's The Dex! Podcast is the Pokemon Podcast you don't wanna miss!

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Is Pokken coming to Switch? Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy check out a mysterious leak that says just that, plus a bunch of other great things you'd expect from a Pokemon Podcast like news, a meaty discussion about Pokemon Spin-Offs, and...FANSWERS!

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Margikarp Jump is the latest Pokemon spinoff out for mobile devices, the Midnight Lycanroc has come to the US, and Alex and Kellz are back from their trip to Norway, all on this week's The Dex! Podcast, the coolest Pokemon Podcast on the world wide web! Plus, FANSWERS!

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