The Dex! Podcast (general)

Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy are here with Pokemon News, and updates on Pokken DX for Nintendo Switch, and Pokemon Gold and Silver on Virtual Console, plus...secret wishes, Pokemon theories, and...the return of FANSWERS!

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This is the very first episode of another show format featuring PokeKellz and Hildewereld discussing the Pokemon Adventures Manga, one volume per episode, in a fun book club style, so you can read right along with them!

Episode 1 was originally published on our YouTube channel in April of 2017

PLEASE NOTE that this is an extra show format that shows up on an irregular schedule, and typically will not replace your regularly scheduled Friday Dexcast. Enjoy!

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The Dex! Podcast #13: Baby-Hungry Chansey!

Michael Barryte from Belated Media joins Alex and Jimmy as they talk about their upcoming collab, Top 5 signature moves, a little more about smash, fanmail, and OH YEAH A CHANSEY THAT EATS BABY POKEMON FOR SUSTENANCE!!!! We love it when guests come by!

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