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The Dex! Podcast #17: I My Country Go Home!

Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy sit down to discuss Pokemon news, fanmail, and the absolute weirdest, most interesting NPC's ever! Also Alex is British for like 5 minutes.

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The Dex! Podcast #16: Alpha and Omega!

HOENN CONFIRMED! Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy sit down to talk about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the newly announced Gen III remakes for 3DS, as well as some of their favorite monsters from the GBA days!

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The Dex! Podcast #15: Music Music Music!

Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy talk some of the latest Pokemon news, including pop-up Pokemon Centers, and then it's LENGTHY discussion about the Top 5 Best Town Songs! Also, we answer a bunch of fan mail!

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The Dex! Podcast #14: Missing Number!

Glitches! Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy talk about Pokemon News and all their favorite not-so-legit tricks they've learned through the years! Yay!

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